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Tips to Help You When Acquiring Equipment for Your Veterinary Practice

  • May 17, 2021 by Marty Newton
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There are many types of equipment you'll need for a veterinary practice. Modern vet clinics have cutting-edge sensors and ultrasound, while the office needs photocopiers and computer hardware. This means that starting a modern-day veterinary practice is a capital-intensive affair.

There are some tools you cannot overlook when starting your business. Here are some tips for getting the right equipment and securing veterinary practice financing.

Understand the Importance of Getting the Right Tools for Your Practice

Pet owners tend to have a close relationship with their pets, so they expect nothing short of the highest quality of service at the vet clinic. You may need a digital X-ray machine, ultrasound devices, and IV pumps.

Your office also needs to be presentable to reflect the quality of your brand. There are different types of veterinary practice loans you can use to buy equipment, depending on the nature of your business. But first, you should determine whether to purchase or lease equipment.

Decide Whether to Lease

Both leasing and buying equipment have merits and demerits whether you're starting or expanding your business. With leasing, you do not have to commit all your available capital to buying equipment.

Leasing is also advantageous in situations where you may need an upgrade in a year or two. Technology is advancing, which means you may end up with obsolete tools that are no longer competitive. Additionally, the company providing the service handles the maintenance, which reduces costs for your practice.

Learn About the Benefits of Buying Equipment

However, buying has its advantages which are worth considering. By owning the equipment, you build your equity. You also get to use them for as long as you continue being in business. With leasing, you will have to buy the machine or hire new ones. Nevertheless, some providers may offer to sell you the appliances at a discounted rate after the lease.

Consider Interest-Only Practice Start-up Financing

You can also opt for start-up veterinary practice loans. The purpose of the loan is often to assist businesses, manage their finances. As such, some start-up loans are interest-only. That means the borrower only pays the interest. You can increase the amount you pay back during the repayment period.

An interest-only veterinary practice financing is an ideal choice for businesses with a fluctuating cash flow. When the income is high, you can pay more to cover your loan. Despite its advantages, you should evaluate this option carefully. If the higher income does not materialize, your finances will be in danger.

Consider Debt Consolidation

Before approving veterinary business loans, lenders need to know you are in a position to fulfill repayment. Most vets have to struggle with multiple loans from creditors throughout their careers. Your credit score and cash flow can affect your ability to secure a loan in the future. That's why you should consider refinancing your debt. For optimal results, you may need to hire an experienced professional to assist you with debt consolidation.


The type of loan you opt for will depend on what you are trying to finance. If the financing is for both real estate and appliances, you can have a longer term with lower payments. It is wise to be clear on the requirements before going for loans for the veterinary business. To learn more about veterinary practice financing reach out to our team at FiSol and we will be glad to help.

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