Be an Independent Financial Concierge

Careers with FiSol DVO

We are looking for energetic, self-motivated people who are ready to join our team. A FiSol DVO independent representative identifies professional practices that could benefit from what FiSol has to offer, gets to know their needs and guides them through the process, all while working on their own independent schedule.

To request more information and apply, contact us at [email protected]


How FiSol delivers on the 10% Cash Flow Guarantee

Acting as a financial solutions “intermediary,” FiSol DVO:


Identifies Opportunities

Using territory-based independent sales specialists, FiSol delivers the best solutions available to our clients.

Structures Each Opportunity

Using a simplified FiSol application and a short interview, FiSol prepares a short profile summary to explore and enhance the financial possibilities.

Presents the Best Options

Using a combination of interest rate reductions and optimal amortizations, FiSol DVO guarantees a 10% annual savings on all refinance payments, improving cash flow for our clients' practices.

Obtains Rapid Approvals

FiSol’s network of lenders have committed to giving priority attention and speedy credit approvals to our clients due to negotiated SLA’s (service level agreements) that encourage loan flow. 

Tracks Loan Progress

Dual tracking by FiSol on top of normal bank updates ensures not one but two sets of eyes are monitoring and pushing loans to completion. 

Always Acts in an Advisory Capacity

As our clients realize their short term goals, FiSol continues to act as a sounding board and advisor when opportunities present themselves for growth. Whether enhanced consultation, subordinated debt, or private equity are required to take the next step, FiSol will be there.