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Who We Are

FiSol DVO is an independent advisory firm specializing in concierge financial services for professional practice owners — specifically dentists, veterinarians and optometrists. Working with a variety of lenders, private equity sponsors and mezzanine/debt firms, FiSol DVO provides professional advisory services that result in the most optimal loan and capital structures, while securing the best competitive pricing available in the market. 


Concierge Financing

Personalized attention for you, whenever you need it. FiSol is your premier source not only for a customized loan, but for any ongoing financial questions or needs you might have. Let our independent financial professionals help shape and guide financial decisions for the ensured health of your practice.


Why DVO?

Dental, veterinary and optometry: We specialize in financing for these professional practice areas exclusively, so we know the needs and challenges present in your specific industry. This intimate understanding allows us to tailor the perfect solution for you in ways that a typical broker or bank can't.

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Portrait of Marty Newton

Our Founder: Martin W. Newton

Leveraging an excess of 30 years in the financial services industry with top tier institutions and a network of advisors to the dental, veterinary and optometry services market, Mr. Newton formed FiSol DVO. His passion for helping clients through the maze of Federal guidelines, competitive misinformation, and the increasingly difficult compliance barriers impacting the financial services industry to provide the best financing available to facilitate the growth and success of each clients company led to the idea for FiSol DVO.

Douglas Rozsa portrait

Douglas A. Rozsa

Doug brings over 28 years of financing industry experience with the nation’s top banking institutions to FiSol. He has developed an expertise in healthcare lending with a focus on dental, veterinarian, and optometric practices. Recognized as a leading industry expert in all financing aspects for Dental Service Organizations, Doug helps these organizations navigate capital markets. He is also highly proficient in commercial real estate financing.

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