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How to Attract New Clients to Your Dental Practice and Keep Them Happy

  • April 02, 2021 by Marty Newton
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There’s a lot that goes into making a new dental practice work. You have to be ready with a considerable budget that will allow you to rent an office, hire staff, and purchase the necessary dental equipment.

The good news is there are loans for dentists you can use to offset some of the cost. These loans make it possible to open the doors sooner and start attracting new clients. Below are five ways you can use your funds to attract new customers to your practice and keep them happy.

1. Get Online

As a new practice, you need to reach as many people in your area as possible. This is where having an online presence comes in handy. Ideally, you would need to set up a website and social media accounts dedicated to letting everyone know you’re open.

Frankly, opening your new office won’t come cheap. You can end up spending over $70000 for the website, social media management, IT support, legal counsel, and other marketing material. Despite this, you must ensure that you have a functioning website and social media pages from day one.

2. Market Some Deals

Have offers for braces and other dental services that can attract potential customers. You can use part of the loans for dentists to sponsor these offers. That way, you get a chance to showcase your skills to the locals and turn them into loyal customers.

Here, you can take advantage of your social media sites to spread the word. After customers come in, let them know what to expect if they choose you as their primary practice. At the same time, you can use dental equipment financing to get the office ready for them.

3. Sponsor Local Events

Spend some time researching local events that you can sponsor and get a chance to meet the locals. You can use business loans for dentists to support a dental health event or any other local event that’s dear to the people in your location.

Doing so is a great way to introduce yourself to the area and prove that you care about the people. You can converse with people; have some fliers available and banners with all the information about your new dental practice.

4. Post Informative Content

Patients are always in need of informative content about oral care and other issues affecting their teeth. Once you have your social media pages up and running, post informative content. Avoid only focusing on marketing the dental practice.

Instead, hold discussions with active users who have concerns about their oral health. You can advise them about different issues then ask them to book an appointment for further examination. It makes customers feel appreciated and willing to give your dental practice a chance.

5. Create a Patient Referral Program

Thanks to loans for dentists, you can finally open a well-equipped practice. Once patients start coming in, you can ask them to refer their friends and family. You can even have a reward system running for patients who bring in referrals.

Get the Right Business Loans for Dentists

With the right dental equipment loans, you can set up a great local practice. After that, the next task is attracting new customers. The five tips above are a great way to start. FiSol DVO can help you get the right dental equipment loans or dental practice purchase loans. You also get to enjoy personalized advising, painless online application, and fast cash decisions.

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