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Grow Your Practice by Opening a Second Location

  • March 19, 2021 by Marty Newton
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Your first office has already proven to produce plenty of dentistry. It has earned sufficient income to meet your financial goals, as well. What’s in the future for your career and practice? It’s time to consider opening a second dental office. Such a major career move is very advantageous, but it also has risks. Growing your dental practice takes planning, getting sound financial advice concerning dental practice purchase loans, and knowing when it is time to open a second location.

There Are Many Choices Ahead

Deciding you are ready to move forward is just the start. Now you’re faced with many other considerations. Do you want to purchase an existing dental office? Should you start a new office, and where should it be? There will be additional oversight and production at the new site. Should you hire another associate? What about finances? Should you seek assistance from a financial advisory firm?

Your Dental Practice Is Unique

Your dental practice is unique. Loans for dentists are the perfect solution that can be tailored to match your precise needs. Dental practice purchase loans are the answer when it comes to staying ahead of an ever-changing marketplace. Financial advisory firms that focus exclusively on helping dental practices are ideal for obtaining business loans for dentists. Consider them to be your trusted financial partners ready to help you successfully grown your dental practice.

Focus on the Details of Starting an Additional Practice

Having a financial partner that can take care of dental practice purchase loans gives you the opportunity to focus on the details of starting an additional dental office. Expanding necessitates acquiring new equipment. Dental equipment financing is an option that ensures your new office has the cutting-edge technology needed to offer exemplary dental services to patients.

You could also consider upgrading existing equipment at your primary dental office so you are offering innovative care from both locations. Financing for computers, equipment, dental supplies, as well as software for dental practices tends to run between $190,000 to $200,000. Dental equipment loans are necessary to accommodate such growth.

How Does Working with an Expert Advisory Firm Help?

Expert financial advisory firms work with private equity sponsors, lenders, and debt firms to provide dental practices with optimal loans and capital structures. The goal is to secure the best available competitive pricing that’s available. Working with them is vital to the future of your business. They have the ability to secure dental practice purchase loans that give you the ability to flourish.

Your Dental Practice Deserves Personalized Attention

Independent financial professionals that offer concierge financing are your premier source for customized loans. They provide the personalized attention you need with the ability to answer ongoing financial questions about dental practice purchase loans. You can expect to be shaped and guided when making financial decisions in regards to the health of your dental practice.

A Broker or Bank Can’t Do What Independent Financial Advisors Can

Get insight from independent financial advisors that you can’t get from a broker or bank. They offer personalized advising, a plethora of options to track your ideal course, a simple online application process, and fast credit decisions. In a financial world where bank regulations are difficult to navigate, independent financial advisors are a welcome relief.

An intuitive financial partner that truly understands your needs will provide an excellent combination of structure and financial resources. With their help, you can get the dental practice purchase loans you require. Their assistance allows you to keep up with an ever-changing financial landscape.

A Second Dental Office Is Lucrative

Opening a second dental office gives you the ability to increase your income and your net worth. Think through all of the financial implications with a trusted financial advisor that can go over financing and find the terms that fit you the best. You can count on them to discuss all of your options so you get the ideal financing you want.

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